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Acronyms will be best memorized by way of something concrete, fun and related to what you already know. We put together a variety of useful lists of Idioms and Expressions, Celebrity Names, and Movie Titles that could easily associate with most readers' existing knowledge. This database is vital to the actual mnemonics being created as it serves as the inspirations for good mnemonics. We hope everyone could help to grow this database to make it a useful tool for the mnemonic contributors.

Take liberty to change the acronym to fit your needs[edit]

In some of the acronyms below, 'a', 'the' and some other prepositions may or may not be included. You can take the liberty to use them to suit the materials to be memorized. For example, An Arm And A Leg, the acronym could be AAL (excluding 'an' and 'a'), AAAL (excluding 'and') or AAAAL (the full phrases).

Look for acronyms using Search Box[edit]

When you are creating mnemonics, you do not necessarily have to go to each acronym list to find suitable acronym. You can simply input the desired mnemonic acronym in the Search Box and the Search Box will search over all our existing acronym list and see if any acronym fit your search. It is also advised to start short, for example, you would like to have a mnemonic with ACDIC, you could start with AC or ACD and see if any good acronym that exists in our database. You could also break it down to ACD IC and build a story around it. Try to shake things up and be creative.

Acronyms and Abbreviations[edit]

Celebrity Names[edit]

Acronym Celebrity
AA Alessandra Ambrosio
AA Amy Adams
AB Alexandra Burke
AB Amanda Bynes
AC Alexa Chung
AD Agyness Deyn
ADE Adele
AE Abby Elliott
AG Andrew Garfield
AG Ashley Greene
AH Amber Heard
AH Anne Hathaway
AJ Angelina Jolie
AK Alicia Keys
AK Anna Kendrick
AK Ashton Kutcher
AL Adriana Lima
AL Ali Larter
AO Ashley Olsen
AP Adrianne Palicki

See the full list: Celebrity Names

Idioms and Expressions[edit]

Acronym Idiom
AAAAL An Arm And A Leg
AAAL At An Arm's Length
AAO Against All Odds
AAOC An Agent Of Chaos
AATS Asleep At The Switch
ABC A Big Cheese
ABEV A Bird's Eye View
ABIACS A Bull In A China Shop
ABID A Blessing In Disguise
ABID A Boon In Disguise
ABOC A Bone Of Contention
ABUTW A Bit Under The Weather
ACAABS A Cock And A Bull Story
ACITN A Cuckoo In The Nest
ADFFG A Dish Fit For Gods
ADL A Dead Letter
AEB An Early Bird
AEG An Educated Guess
AEH, ATEH At (The) Eleventh Hour
AFTM Ask For The Moon

See the full list: Idioms and Expressions

Movie Titles[edit]

Acronym Movie
AAE All About Eve
AAOU Avengers: Age Of Ultron
AB American Beauty
ABM A Beautiful Mind
ACO A Clockwork Orange
ADS Amadeus
AH Annie Hall
AHX American History X
AIW Avengers: Infinity War
ALN Alien
ASO 2001: A Space Odyssey
BB Batman Begins
BCATSK Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid
BH Ben-Hur
BHT Braveheart
BR Blade Runner
BS Before Sunrise
BTTF Back To The Future
BVSDOJ Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice
CACW Captain America: Civil War
CAS Come And See

See the full list: Movies Titles


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