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Simple Periodic Table Chart.png


Hi Hello Listen Be.B.C. News On Friday Night

Hi H Hydrogen
Hello He Helium
Listen Li Lithium
B. Be Beryllium
B. B Boron
C. C Carbon
News N Nitrogen
On O Oxygen
Friday F Fluorine
Night Ne Neon

Natives Might All Sing Party Songs Clearly Arousing Kitty Cats

Natives Na Sodium (Latin word for sodium carbonate is Natrium)
Might Mg Magnesium
All Al Aluminium
Sing Si Silicon
Party P Phosphorus
Songs S Sulfur
Clearly Cl Chlorine
Arousing Ar Argon
Kitty K Potassium (Latin word for potash/potassium is Kalium)
Cats Ca Calcium

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