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Collaborative effort to help each other excel in exams[edit]

WikiMnemonic is a project for collaboratively writing open-content mnemonic devices that anyone, including you, can edit right now by clicking on the edit link that appears near the top of each WikiMnemonic page. WikiMnemonic aims to make cramming for exams and memorizing abstract concepts less painful and time-consuming by building the first mnemonic device encyclopedia for all levels of students and exam takers. We hope mnemonics could be applied and practiced by more people and make your learning process a lot more fun and less pain. Feel free to browse around our growing number of steadily improving mnemonics.

You contribution will be much appreciated by our community[edit]

Similar to any other wiki projects, WikiMnemonic is a community effort, so feel free to improve and add to the existing content, start a new mnemonic, add a picture to enhance the mnemonic visualization, or start a new project on a subject. Even revising a typo will be appreciated by the community.

Find a Mnemonic[edit]

There are many ways to find a mnemonic at WikiMnemonics. Try searching for it or browse through our catalog sidebar.

Quick-Start Guides[edit]

To quickly get up to speed on using WikiMnemonic, you should head over to the WikiMnemonic Crash Course page. You will learn about how to optimize your learning process by using WikiMnemonic. You could also learn about tho to be a profilic contributor to our community.